Young Stud

There was a guy way younger than me at his last teen, he was about 19 then and I would 35, a housewife with 2 school going sons. The guy …

her body language

How pay attention to her body language

And also I’m wanting to show you how to pay attention to her body language. And typically this is when you’re on a date or when you’re, um, uh, having a conversation with a woman. So let’s get started. So I’m going to give you four ways, and here’s the first one. The first one is when you are basically face to face and you are having a conversation with a woman, you want to just really focus on the body language and slowly progressed into signals.

Meaning she disrespected

she’s the one that either broke up with you

In the relationship, meaning she disrespected you and she’s the one that either broke up with you or you broke up with her, or vice versa. She cheated on you. Whatever the case may be, whatever resulted in the space, meaning that she’s the one that messed up the relationship or she’s the one that caused.

Science of Cougars

Science of Cougars

Today. I’m going to talk about the science of cougars. Now, if you are old enough to remember a Dustin Hoffman being seduced by a sexy and Bancroft in the movie, the graduate, well, you’re probably old enough to be a Cougar yourself these days. I know the terms kind of judgemental. I mean, cougars are predators.

Milf porn

Where can you find a hot milf

Already last year, it was observed that movies with milfs are the most-watched movies. This is because older women are becoming more and more attractive. Men are increasingly attracted to hot milfs.