How pay attention to her body language

her body language

During a date or a conversation with a woman, it’s important to pay attention to her body language. I’ll present four ways to do that. The first one is focusing on body language while having a face-to-face conversation. Gradual physical contact, such as lightly touching her arm, is essential. If she responds positively, it indicates her interest. If she responds well, you can try to kiss her. There are two approaches. The first is gently touching the back of her neck, which can be seductive. The second is creating some distance to see if she moves closer. If she does, you can give her a compliment and gradually move towards the kiss. When a woman responds positively, you can employ four kissing examples. Lightly touching the back of her neck is both personal and seductive. Touching her hair is another effective method. Another way is kissing her forehead, which adds to the ambiance. It’s important to observe her reactions and slowly approach the moment of the kiss.


Also I’m wanting to show you how to pay attention to her body language. And typically this is when you’re on a date or when you’re, um, uh, having a conversation with a woman. So I’m going to give you four ways, and here’s the first one. The first one is when you are basically face to face and you are having a conversation with a woman, you want to just really focus on the body language and slowly progressed into signals.

You can do things lightly. So we’re on a date and we’re having a conversation, and I am laughing and I’m engaging, and Alex goes in and he just touches my arm and embraces my arm because we’re laughing and we’re having good, good time. And he slowly gives me that contact. So do you see how you’re trying to.

Get the vibe of how that woman is paying attention to you. So as he touches my arm, I’m like laughing and I’m engaging in him and I’m trying to get closer because we are giving body signals, we’re doing physical contact, and I am responding because I’m getting closer to him. You can tell a lot by that because of the fact that you are making body contact and the woman is responding.

So once she responds, let’s just say, and you go in for the kiss

Let’s just talk a little bit about how you would want to go into a kiss. So Alex, what are like two ways? I want to ask you, what are two ways that you would go in for a cast? So I think I want to say something first. It’s really important for you to understand that if the woman would look at your hand.

If we can see the image, just come back and you’ll receive the image. When I touch Apple, she never look my end. She just looked me in my highs. That’s means she’s ready for a kiss. So at this moment, I think I would try to connect with our back, which is really important because it’s a protection sign. We tried to put my hair and just make it fun.

No way did you do that? And then if she can react in a good way, I know I can properly, um, try to kiss her. And um, okay. So the second options for me, it would be to put away. Why? Because I want her to come closer to me. You know? It’s like the technique. When I put away, if she comes closer to me, that means she’s ready to engage.

Maybe not the case, but I will give her a compliment. I will say, damn, I didn’t see that. You have some beautiful highs, and if she’s smiles, I know that she’s could be ready for a kiss, but I would still take my time because as a French. We love the attraction process, so we always take off time. Yeah, that’s a good point.

woman to be able to crave it

Because you want the woman to be able to crave it

Want to have your kiss and be like, Oh gosh, what does this guy get to kiss me? All right, so now we’re going to give you four sex example examples of how you can kiss a woman at the end of the tape. When she’s been responding to you. So we gave you signals on how she will respond to you.

So you know how to gauge with the cast that she’s interested. I remember the eye contact, the physical notions of what you can do, pulling away. She’s coming in, she doesn’t lose focus of your eyes, and when you do the engagement physically and she doesn’t look at your arm. So when you touch her arm, maybe she looks at it and he’s like this and it’s kind of weirded out by this, then that’s okay.

Sign that don’t go in for a kiss now cause maybe she’s more reserved or she’s not knowing what she wants right now at the moment. But if she’s giving you all positive signs, this is how we would suggest to go in for a kiss. So here’s the first one. Alex is going to go in for the kiss. But he is going to touch my neck and slowly feel out the vibe as we continue to get closer.

So you see how this happens as we continue to. Uh, be personable, but by him being able to touch the back of my neck, the woman knows that she’s going in for the kiss. And it’s also something that’s pretty seductive because there’s so many nerves from the back of your neck that it can really turn a woman on.

I just want to have some thing

it’s really important for you to also not push her, but you need to show that you want to kiss her. He didn’t see it, but I just ask you to come closer to me. So I use my just my fingers to try to not push her. I don’t know, like, yeah, likely to come to you. That’s, something that can also show that you are already attracted and show that you are an alpha male, which is really important.

Yeah. So the physical way you can do this, number two is by, by touching her hair.

You see how he did this and because he is touching my hair and it’s another way of physical contact. Alex did it very lightly and he brushed my hair very lightly as well. And the third one, this is more personable, especially if you’re laughing and you’re going in, and then the vibe is really, really good.

This is what you can do to slowly go in for the kiss. And also it kind of teases the woman and also helps her gauge your response. So here is the way you would do it on number three and then you can go in for the kiss her. Now she’s thinking that you are hugging her. But then you kiss her forehead and she’s like, okay, wow. And then you will see if she meets your lips and she wants it to you because what if she does it? What she’s going to do is this. If she doesn’t want it, and I would give, I would give you an assertive so far.

should twice something

 I think you should twice something

That’s okay. I think you should twice something. Tell me if we are OJ, because you’re the expert for men, but you know, sometimes we want to tease a woman because they have the power. They will kind of see if we can kiss her on that. So you can just try to kiss her if she’s ready and go to our forehead and smile and like just create a chemistry because then you would kiss her.

Don’t do it for so long. But I think it’s just the French game that we love sometimes. Yeah, I liked that one too, because then you’re like, dang, is he ever going to kiss me? So then she find maybe it might even make the move. I mean, I would if I was attracted. Anyways, so now I’m going to show you a way that you can.

This is a really, I think number three is the most important out of all of them. Because if you’re an introvert male, you can do this and really gauge, and if you have a fear of rejection, you can gauge how a woman will approach you because of the fact that you’re hugging her, giving her a kiss on the forehead, and then you can see how she engages.

So again, let’s remind me of, but let me remind you that if she wants to kiss, she’s going to lock eyes with you after you kiss her on the forehead. And she might even look at your lips. This is what she will do if she’s not interested in doing it.

This is what it’s woman is going to do.

She’s going to pull away very fast and you’re going to see how she is. Not really. Her eyes are going back and forth. I know you don’t see my eyes, but typically her eyes are going back and forth and she’s looking to the right or the left and not trying to make contact because she’s uncomfortable.

All right, so style number four is holding the hand and then going in for the kiss. So we’re talking or we’re walking, whatever, and he takes my hand. And I let him continue to hold my hand. So this is a great sign already that she’s letting you continue to hold her hand. And as we just keep talking, he just looks at me and it meets me halfway to go in for a kiss, and then I respond and I go in for a kiss as well.

You see how he is still kind of going in for a kiss? But he’s like, if you want this kiss, you gotta work for it too. So meet me halfway right. Yeah. This is something really important and I think the connection is by taking your hand and you need to always be confident and to add the small data. Can I use your end please?

And this guy knows he gets his seduction game is strong

Because he is the number one left coach in France and he has worked with thousands of women. So man, these are some really, really good texts. If you liked today’s video, please give it a thumbs up. I love to hear from you, share your comments, questions, concerns, and I want to know if you tried any one of these moves on your next day.

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