Mom entertains the Birthday Party

Hey guys Sunit here, a 19years 2nd year polytechnic stud from Hodla near Delhi. But me and my mom stays in Dharavi area and we also have a small house here and my parents preferred education from renounced school colleges. So, me and mom stay at Delhi from my 3rd grade. Dad stays in Hodla due to his business and gives visit once in two months in general, my mom also works here as she is a gym instructor and a yoga teacher in a near by gym.

My mom Nisha is in her mid 30’s, but anyone can barely guess that as she has maintained 36E-28-38 inch figure with a pretty face and long black hair. But what completes her, is her little shy but slutty nature as she never miss to show off her perfectly maintained body to anyone even to me or my friends or to a any random guy also, she always prefer dresses​ which expose her more. You can say she is really proud of her body.

But in short she is very open minded and a very cool mom and also to mention she is my closest friend, so close that we ended up having sex on my 16th birthday night and in the end it became casual between us, whenever it’s only me and my mom in house we prefer to being naked and have some great rounds now and then, though it was a little secret between us upto my 18th birthday night, when I was in my 2nd yr of college.

In general we always use to share anything and everything between us and she is always a good friend to me than a mom and some times also a friend with benefits. Not only to me but also to some of my friends, who knows her nature. My friends always treat her like if she is just one of us and she is also very cool with them. She also never miss to chess any kinda fun. Moreover she is also okay with our smoking and drinking if we are in home. Sometimes she also joins us though she is not a kind of heavy drinker or smoker when it comes to alcohol or weed. But in every means she is so much of a attractive person that it’s barely possible to ignore her if she is around or not. She is always the main topic of our discussion even when me and/or my friends are hanging around. Just like any other normal ones my friends always lust for a glimpse of their big porky assets which is not so rare, some lucky ones are already blessed with some bra and panty glimpse when mom was changing in her room with the door wide open and 2 most lucky of them get a great show by her when one day we 3 were playing video game and mom came to serve us rasna, only in her towel as she just came out of her shower and she dropped her towel, leaving her total naked infront of us. We was stunned but she handled it very easily just like if nothing happened.

Now lets come to the main page. On my 18th birthday again it was me and mom in home. So, I just called some of my college friends for a night stay as mom also gives the permission. All of them are hostelries. It was their first night-stay at my house. They were there at 6 with some boozes with them. We all was ready to get a real boozy night as mom had given us the permission.

I just welcomed them and we all were in my room and having some chit chat until mom give us a call as the snacks were ready. We get settled in our drowning room, the room is big enough, it has a TV one tea table and 3 sofa around it. We get settled their and started to have some drinks. Mom also joins us as regular. With 2-3 drinks she was high, we were having fun having drinks and some little stumbled dances now and then. After a few time snacks was over so mom went to the kitchen to bring some more.

Mom was wearing a tight white camisole with a denim short. So, when she bend down to serve us the snacks she gave a quite a great view of the deep cleavage which catches all the attention from the room and she also noticed it as she gave a little smile in answer.

As I told you guys before she is such a attention seeker. She got all the attention and she also knows how to maintain it, she starts to serve us drinks and snacks as she hold the view quite long and acted real slutty as like, “Do you need anything else boys!” (In a moaning voice).

My friends are also liking this as some of them were having the mom’s best side. Their comments are also becoming much direct and it looked like mom was also liking this. Arun meanwhile starts to roll a joint. The staff was good. Just after 3-4 hits mom was in her full mood.

We all were high, light was dim, songs were playing and we all was having fun. Some of us was dancing, mom too.

She got exhausted and went to sofa, sat beside me. But things got too far when she tried to drink some water from the bottle and Arun intentionally give her a push that the bottle dropped from her hand and she got all wet from head to toe. We all thought it might got too far and mom got angry. But she reacted with a giggle. Her nipples were clearly visible through her tight wet silk camisole, which again took away all the attention away from the room.

Meanwhile the song changed and mom was again charged up as she starts to dandling on it. But this time the view was different as her wet camisole was sticked to her bare skin. Her nipples, even the circles were also clearly visible through it. May be it turns on the heat in room. As

Deep: Nisha!!! You have maintained such a wow figure.

Ooops sorry I mean aunty.

Mom (with giggle): it’s okay deep, you can call me Nisha. But just for tonight only.

Raj: You got some serious moves aunty.

Mom (with her never ending giggle): You can also call me Nisha. And thanks for the complement sweet boy.

Preet (to me): Never mind bro but just look at her boobs. I can’t even blink for once.

Me: Dude! Me too.

Suvam (to mom): It’s the way to go aunt. You are great.

Mom (stopped dancing): Again aunt! Aah!!! I know I’m little old for you guys but we still can be friends. Can’t we!

Suvam (to encourage mom): Sorry Nisha. You hardly looked like if you are in mid 20’s.

Which really worked out.

Though it was not dance this time, she was just stumbling as she was so high. She looked so exhausted as she came to the sofa and sat again.

Joy: Take a drink Nisha.

Mom: Sure. Make it large.

Joy (as soon as mom got the drink): Ready to go again?

Mom: I’m exhausted Joy. I think I can’t go like that anymore.

Joy: Oh no. We were having fun watching you.

Mom: Really. Okay if you liked it then I can give it a try. But this time it’s only for you. As you are the one who is appreciating. You should also record it, you not gonna get this everyday (then she opened the camera of her phone and gave to joy).

She pushed him in the sofa got on his laps, back facing him and starts to give him quite a twerk show. Everyone was little stunned by seeing this. Joy was so much turned on that he got some serious hard on. Suddenly joy gave a serious slap on her butt, with which she just jumped off her lap and starts to rub her butt. We all get scared if she got angry. But it turns out as total opposite. She actually liked it. She was all cool, which give some extra boost to the party. And Nilu caught her hand and pulled her to him. As she went to his lap

Nilu: Why don’t you give me a show now Nisha?

Mom: Do you really want it?

Nilu (going too bold): Why don’t you starts to jiggle your boobs, without talking too much.

Mom (starts giggling again): Though I don’t know how to do this properly but I think I can give it a try.

Hearing this all got too much excited. Most of them had only imagined about this but this was real this time.

There was a pin drop silence in the room. Mom was also enjoying the moment. She put her hands on her boobs and starts to jiggle it little by little. Her boobs were busting through her dress.

A bit later I was quite high and aroused that I went to her from the back and pull off her top. And here ti mention she also stretched out her hands to help me. Seeing this everyone just got the biggest surprise of their life.

As I pulled of her top her boobs are now in open air. It looks like everyone got the wildest shock of their life.

I just caught her by her hair and pull her to the table and through her on it.

She starts to play with her boobs, squished them, jiggle them and starts to give us one of her best show, even also I’ve never seen her like this before. It looks like she was in her top mood, it was also needed then, as she was then trapped between 12 hungry dicks who were ready to give her the hardest and wildest fuck she ever had, mom was also ready for it.

Everyone had already surrounded her, seeing this she got some more encouragement, little by little she slides down her hand to her denim short and slowly unbuttoned it, slightly open the zip.

Then she starts to rub her pussy and biting her lips. Joy was the one who made the first step as he put his hand on her boobs and starts to squeeze it and the result was something. Mom was holding herself for quite a long time but with that touch she came out from her inner ahell as

Mom (starts moaning loudly): Stop playing dumb. Give me the best fuck I ever had. Fill up all my holes. My whole body is aching for it. I’m giving my all to you do whatever you want, fuck me hard enough to make me cry, I’m wanna be your bitch fir tonight just give me the pain I never had. I want that pleasure. I want it hard. Give me the hardest fuck you can. Drill my holes, scratch me suck me squeeze me bite me or slap me, do anything but I want as many marks you can leave in every inch of my body.

With that I shoved my dick in her mouth and caught her by hair and starts to fuck her mouth real good. Nilu also got busy with her boobs. Now all the 12 hungry wolfs jumped on her. Ajay starts to kiss her body Nilu took her left boob when Dhruv took the other. Everyone was busy to explore her body and she was busy to give some blowjobs and hand jobs. Everyone was having their turns one by one. As I got between her two legs and kissed her pussy over her shorts and pulled them off. Now she was full naked. It was smelling good. I put my dick head in her crack and starts to rub, after a lil while, with a strong push it was in. It was so warm and wet. It never filled like this before. I started stroking her with some good thrust. With every push mom starts to moan louder and louder. It was a long season, near about a 20min fuck I was about to cum but just before me mom had her orgasm collapsed on me.

As she came to kiss me I pulled her by her hair and give her a hard slap on her chick and made her stand back-facing me and bend her over the table then put my dick on her ass crack. And again with a single stroke it was all in her. As she tried to scream Dhruv put her dick in her mouth and starts to fuck that real hard. We both were slapping her ass until we cum. This time I cummed in about 10 to 15 mins as her ass crack is very tight for my fat dick. Then joy took my place and start to fuck and slap he r ass. Her ass cheeks became blood red in no time with hundreds of finger prints and she was screaming with every slap. But the scream only encouraged us.

As soon as Joy cummed in her Rik pulled her to a sofa and made her sat on him and in response she also starts to ride him real good. She was wild, she was mad. She pulled Deep to her and took his dick in her hands, then starts to give him a good handjob. But deep hold her by her hair and shoved his dick in her mouth. As they got satisfied they swiped with others.

I was recording everything. As all of them had their first round, mom got some air to breath. But it looked like she was not fully satisfied. As

Mom: Tired already! I can’t even see a single bite on me. Fuck me harder and let me feel the pain. I’m your bitch tonight, so fuck me till I get collapsed.

Hearing this Ajay took her in his arms, took her to the bedroom and through her to the bed. With that mom pulled Vish to her, got top of him and starts to ride him again. Meanwhile I was again ready for the 2nd round. So, I went to her and grab her boobs from back and starts to bite her neck n back. Not only me but everyone was so much turned on then that all of them got to the bed to surround her and all got busy to lick, suck and bite her boobs, her belly, her thighs. Now she was all red. She was moaning. But that moan was not satisfying us as we want her to scream. Vish was fucking her real good. She got collapsed on him again as she had cum. As soon as she got collapsed on Vish, I tried to split her pussy more and put my dick in her pussy and with a single push half of my dick was in her. Now she was really screaming in pain and tried to stop me by any means as she was having her first double penetration. But who cares, it was too late to stop. I just pushed my dick in to her.

It was a great season. Me and Vish were having the fun of our life. As we cummed we were replaced by others. Mom was then crying in pain. Then Nilu and Rup were pounding her pussy as Dhruv was giving her a mouth fuck with some continues slaps.

Shivam was holding the camera till now. He handed over to me and put his dick to her ass. After a great fuck he just pulled her to the the attached bathroom and through her to the floor and starts to pee on her. Deep also joined him as Shivam put on the shower on her to clean her. Deep took some hair oil in his hands and starts to rub her boobs, then her full body and starts to slap her.

I just caught her by her hair and pulled her under the shower.

I just gave her a long smooch then stats to chew her nipples. Then joy took the control and made her ride him while others were exploring her body again. We took her to the bedroom and put her on the bed then put some oil in her pussy. This time me and Rup get to the position to give her a double penetration. I was riding her in doggy style. Mom was like in 7th sky of pleasure as the pain was gone and she was also, much more than satisfied. She was moaning a lot and screaming in pleasure. As soon as we cummed, others took the place.

I’m not sure but that night when our camera died it was like 3.30. Next day I wake up with mom’s voice. When I opened up my eyes, we all was their sleeping naked in room, I was lying on mom. I gave a little bite on her boob and we giggled. With that noise some of others also get off. No one knows how to react tough, mom broke the silence. As

Mom: Who needs a tea? Just get fresh and lets get some tee.

With that she was trying to leave for the bathroom but I caught her hands and pull her too me. Then gave quite a good kiss on her lips. Deep come to her and pull her by her hair to his dick and put it in her mouth as she started to stroke. Mom also didn’t object a bit, moreover she pushed him on the sofa again and get on his lap while spreading her ass with hand, looking at me. We all get our morning dose accordingly. After that mom get real busy daily. And till now most of my college mates, even some lucky seniors and 3 of my teachers had enjoyed her for once or twice but for me, deep and Rup, she became a regular dose of sex.

And do you know what’s the best part is! Mom is actually enjoying this very much and always ready for a new cock. According to her every time when she heard about someone new gonna fuck her it excites her more than ever.