My Husband Pimped Me Out To BBC PT Two

“Give me a moment,” Margret told him as the orgasm began to settle.

“My name is Gloria and I noticed your lady here not doing well. I helped keep her steady as I tried to see if I could assist her,” she explained.

“Thank you,” Scott said as he took his wife in his arms.

Margret’s senses were returning when she noticed the hot Latin guy next to Scott. Even after that powerful climax Margret was still aroused and she noticed the bulge in his tight jeans. Gloria noticed the was Margret looked at this guy and chose to excuse herself.

“Who is this you have with you,” Margret asked her husband?

“This is Wilfred, but, I’m more interested in this Gloria you have with you,” he questioned as he turned looking for her.?

“When we are alone, I will tell you all about her,” Margret insisted as her clit tingled thinking about what Gloria did to her.

Scott took that for now while he ordered drinks as he tried to stir up conversation between his wife and Wilfred. Wilfred was taken back by Margret’s beauty and sense she just climaxed she was also radiant. Margret quickly lost interest and gave her husband the sign to get rid of Wilfred.

Scott was only gone for a moment this time when he came back with Roy Green. A tall African American, he looked to be six two or six three. Very muscular with cinnamon brown skin and a smile that would stop traffic. Roy was very direct and introduced himself before Scott could. He grabbed her hand and lightly kissed it. This turned Margret on even more than she already was. Scott ordered drinks and sat back to let things flow. He knew this would be the one she would select, he got excited just thinking about what Roy was going to do to his beautiful wife.

A slow song came on and Roy grabbed Margret by the hand to pull her onto the dance floor. Her heart raced as he pulled her into his muscular body. They swayed to the beat, halfway through the song she felt his cock against her belly. He was so tall that is where it settled on her body. For a moment she didn’t think he was that large, but, his penis kept growing and growing. If she had to guess he was at least ten to twelve inches long and it was thick as a pipe. She looked up at him tp see his dark eyes looking down at her. Her pussy was dripping as she got lost in his eyes. The song ended, but, the pair kept swaying to their own beat.

Margret blinked her eyes to break the daze. She excused herself to go to the ladies’ room. She had to wipe some of that juice from her hungry pussy before someone noticed. She got in a stall and with some tissue she wiped her inner thigh dry. What a night so far, she thought as she dapped at her sheer panties with the tissue. Just then a light knock was at the stall door.

“I will be out in a minute,” Margret informed whoever was at the door.
“It’s me,” she recognized the voice to be Gloria.

“One minute,” was her response as she pulled her skirt down and readied herself.
Meanwhile Roy and Scott were finish up the business end of the deal.

“I get a copy of the film when were done, right,” Roy questioned?

“I will edit and delivery it myself,” Scott assured him!

“I can’t believe your pimping out your fine wife, she is one sexy woman,” Roy told him.

“Its always been a fantasy of mine to watch another man fuck my wife. Call me wired, but, I’m getting turned on just thinking about what you’re going to do to my pussy,” Scott offered.

“Wired,” Roy said with a smile.

“Besides, I know my wife wants to experience a BBC. It’s my job to give her what she wants,” Scott told him.

“Yeah, maybe, all I know is I’m going to get my money worth and I’m getting horny thinking about that,” Roy teased.

Back in the ladies’ room Margaret opened the stall door to see Gloria standing there. She retreated further into the stall as Gloria entered. Her pussy began to tingle as she recalled how Gloria made her cream earlier. But, had a sense of urgency to get bat to her husband and Roy who were waiting for her return. She tried to push past Gloria when Gloria pint her to the stall wall.

“You’re in a rush to fuck that BBC that’s with your husband,” she questioned?
Margret thought about it for a moment as her clit throb, “Yes I am,” Margret told her!
“You would rather fuck him than me,” Gloria asked?

“What you did to me out there was amazing, but, my pussy is hungry for some of that BBC,” Margret informed her.

Gloria relaxed her grip as she went into her purse to pull out a card, “Call me, please, after you have had your fill of that BBC. He may fuck your pussy well. But, I will fuck and suck you better,” she told Margret.

Margret pushed passed Gloria only to feel a slap on her ass. A parting thought from Gloria who stood their watching as Margret’s sexy tight ass left her sight. Margret slipped the card Gloria gave her into her purse for safe keeping. She was, going to give Gloria a call the next time Scott goes away on business. It would not be cheating if she lets another woman fuck her, she told herself.

Margret pushed her way through the crowed and waved at her husband as soon as she could see him. Her thoughts left Gloria as soon as she saw Roy’s long hard on. Her pussy jumped at the thought of that BBC being feed to her starving pussy. Margret took a few sips from her drink and told her husband she was ready to go. Scott winked at Roy and slammed his drink back. Roy did the same as he took Margret by the hand and led them through the club.

Scott had a time keeping up, he lost sight of them. He finally made it outside where he tried to locate them. When he got to the car, he saw Roy kissing his wife deeply and caressing her pussy through her dress. He unlocked the car quickly and guided them into the back seat. He didn’t want to draw attention from others he thought as he started the car. It was hard for Scott to focus on the road. While Roy and his wife were making out in the back seat. He didn’t want to miss a thing as he realized his fantasy was becoming true.

By the time they pulled up to the house Roy was hard as steel and Margret was soaking wet between her thighs. Scott had to pull them out of the car. Margret’s panties were already off they would have been fucking if the house would have been a little further. Margret and Roy composed them sleeves while heading to the door. This gave Margret a chance to thank her husband for allowing this to happen. She gave him a deep kiss while they were still on the walk way.

As soon as Margret and Roy hit the door, their cloths flew off and they began to kiss passionately. Scott ran to get his camcorder, by the time he had returned Margret was naked on her knee’s fondling and worshiping Roy’s enormous cock and balls. He wanted to tell Margret to freeze, but, she was transfixed on the size. He got the camcorder set up and began to film.

When Roy realized the camera was rolling he took charge. He grabbed Margret by her bun and began to forse feed her his large dick. Margret tried to resist at first but Roy’s grip was to much for her as he fucked her mouth. She gagged and pushed at his large thighs to free herself. It was useless as spit ran from the corners of her mouth.
Roy kept forcing his cock in Margaret’s mouth when Margret relaxed, His thick cock slipped down her throat. Margret gagged a little, but, recovered nicely. Soon she was handling that monster like a pro. Before long she had Roy groaning she even began fondling his nut sack which really drove Roy wild.

Scott was worried at first when his wife was gagging as she fought to handle Roy’s massive cock. Now she was taking control and even knew how to control Roy’s ejaculation. Margret would bring Roy to the height of orgasm choke off his nut sack to bring him back down. She did this a few times to let Roy know who really was in charge. I was so proud to see my wife insert herself over that BBC I began to stroke my penis.
I witnessed through the camera lenses Roy beginning another run to orgasm and I wondered if my wife would let him get off this time. Roy tensed up and grabbed Margret by the back of the head. She just relaxed and continued to caress his large balls. The throat fucking was to good to Roy as he released ounce after ounce of hot man juice into my wife’s throat. I just knew she would gag, but, my wife drank it down like nectar. I was so turned on I all most came.

Roy pulled out my wife’s mouth and throat, it took them a moment to get it together. Roy from coming so hard and my wife from having her throat close back up.

“Damn white girl, you sure suck a good dick,” Roy told her.

“What did you call me,” my wife demanded.

“White girl,” Roy repeated.

“Wow, the sound of that coming from you turns me on,” my wife explained!

My wife laid back to play with her clit, she is really turned on when she does that. Roy was still hard, but, when he got a site of my sexy hot wife playing with her clit. His cock began to bob up and down. He wanted that white pussy badly. But, like me he also wanted to watch the show. The camera was eating it up and so was I.

Margret really got into playing with her pussy as Roy and her husband watched. She directed Roy to stand in between her and the camera with his legs spread apart. She then directed me to shoot this shot between Roy’s powerful thighs. Making sure his cock and nut sack were in view as she played with her wet pussy. She set up one of the hottest scenes I had ever seen. A gasp escaped her lips as she sank two fingers into her wet pussy and looked at me through Roy’s legs at the camera.

Little by little the freak was emerging from Margret as she did and said things she never done before. Her fingers pumped her hot pussy faster and faster. Before she let herself cum she looked into the face of Roy and her husband. She saw pure lust in both their eyes, and it sent her into orgasm. She shoved her fingers deep in her pussy as pleasure shook her soul and she came all over her fingers.

“That’s hot,” Roy blurted out!!

“Hot, hot, that was fucking amazing,” Scott said proudly!!

It took Margret a minute to regain her senses after such a powerful climax. When she opened her eyes the first thing, she focused on was Roy’s huge cock. She felt her pussy become again as she admired his cock. He was still standing in front of her marveling at her spread eagle before him. His dick waving at her, anticipating its long journey into her sugar walls.

Margret with a look of deep lust on her face motioned Roy over to her. Roy slowly took position over her as Scott recorded every movement. He knelt in between Margret’s inviting thighs. Once he settled on his knee’s his throbbing cock slapped her on her swollen clit, the sensation shot right to her erect nipples.

The second slap of her clit by Roy’s fat dick pushed Margret towards another orgasm, the sensations were tendering when Roy’s big rough hands grasped her breast. The sensation arrived from her clit just as his rough hands kneeled her nipples. Margret exploded, which caused her back to arch as she thrusted her hips up.

Roy was taken by surprise as the motion caused Margret’s hungry pussy to engulf the head of his cock. Scott grunted at the action as he kept the camera on all the events. Roy had never felt a pussy suck the head of his cock like that before. A grunt escaped his lips as well.

Margret felt her pussy convulsing on Roy’s cock head. Making her desire the rest of his large dick. Roy felt as if her pussy was sucking him into her depths. Inch by inch he sank his penis into her tight pussy. Roy’s face displayed ecstasy as Margret’s wet pussy allowed inch after inch of his hard cock into her sweet treasure.

“I told you my wife pussy is the sweetest pussy you will ever fuck,” Scott taunted!
He recorded every angle of that BBC spreading his wife’s tight pussy lips. His cock was so hard watching his wife take so muck of Roy’s BBC it hurt. He could not remember a time he was this aroused. He focused on his wife’s face as Roy pushed his cock into her pussy. He never seen so much pleasure on her face and in her eyes as the BBC went in her. Scott was horny and proud that his wife was fore filling a desire as the BBC was filling her hungry pussy.

Roy groaned as his nut sack nestled on Margret’s tender ass cheeks. His large cock fully inserted in her quivering tight cunt. The sensation overwhelmed the two of them as they got accustomed to one another. Roy experienced the velvet massage of Margret’s pussy walls. He felt and enjoyed the tightness and the contractions of her cunt. His cock throb with every contraction of her pussy.

Margret gasped as Roy began to pull his BBC out of her gripping cunt. Margret is amazed at the length of Roy’s huge cock. He touched her in places she didn’t know she had. Her pussy sent her sensations she thought were going to tare open her soul. Her clit has never throbbed this much, and her nipples felt as if they were going to pop off. His long hard dick felt amazing as her pussy clamped down on it’s hardness.

Scott could see through the lens that the two of them were on the brink of euphoria. The camera wasn’t missing a thing as he got close up and detailed as Roy’s cock widened his wife’s tight pussy. The darkness of Roy’s cock invading the depths of Margret’s lightness made Scott’s dick jump. He could see how the thickness of Roy’s cock glided over his wife’s clit driving her wild with pleasure.

Roy had enough of this slow fuck shit as he picked up the pace. His pelvis and nut sack began to pound Margret’s thighs and nap of her ass cheeks. The sheer force of his thrust slammed at her clit. In and out Roy worked his massive dick as the sheer excitement built at the base of his balls.

Margret enjoyed the pounding of her hot pussy, but, she couldn’t just lay there any longer. When Roy slammed his cock, deep into her pussy. Margret swirled her hips before he pulled out again. The motion caused Roy to pause as his cock throbbed. Margret loved the sensation as she swirled her hips once again feeling the sensation of Roy’s hard cock tapping against her sugar walls. Roy’s nut sack was also driving her wild. Her husband doesn’t have a large ball sack. Roy’s nut sack is huge which slaps at that tender skin between her asshole and pussy. She never knew this spot was an erogenous zone. Until she felt Roy’s heavy balls slap that spot. Margret knew one more touch of those heavy balls she would explode.

Roy is near orgasm as well as he deep stroked Margret’s tight wet pussy. The swirling of her hips drew him closer and closer as his nut sack slapped at her erogenous zone. Margret arched her back as she erupted into a intense orgasm. When she arched her back Roy sunk into her depth at least another inch. He never been balls deep in any woman before.

Margret with her back arched took every inch Roy had to offer as her tight pussy clamped down on the base of his cock. This was a new sensation for Roy as his cock throbbed wildly in Margret’s hot pussy. His hips went into jack hammer mood, slamming in and out of Margret’s good pussy, The pounding sparked a second and third climax deep inside Margret’s womb. She had never experienced back to back orgasm before. Her pussy clamored on his large cock. Causing him to release his long-awaited man juice.

The groan Roy let out as Margret’s pussy milked his nuts. Is animalistic as his thrust was as deep as he could go. Margret was on her third climax as ounce after ounce of jism splashed against her cervix. The sensation was hot and powerful deep in her womb.

Scott got excited when he saw the jism seep past his wife’s pussy lips. Down along Roy’s nut sack. Then drip in between his wife’s ass cheeks to puddle on the bed beneath them. Scott came in his pants as he followed the trail of jism with the camera.

Margret and Roy collapsed, hearts pound gasping for air as Scott continued to roll the camera. Roy’s cock was still in Margret’s hot clutching pussy.