she’s the one that either broke up with you

Meaning she disrespected you and she’s the one that either broke up with you

In the relationship, meaning she disrespected you and she’s the one that either broke up with you or you broke up with her, or vice versa. She cheated on you. Whatever the case may be, whatever resulted in the space. Meaning that she’s the one that messed up the relationship or she’s the one that caused.

A problem to arise in the relationship and then says that she needs space. The reason why I go into clarity about the definition here is because this is not intended a video that is intended for you. If a woman just said that she needs space because you’re needy or you came off too strong or whatever the case may be. I have a lot of other videos about that. I’ll put up here on the card, but in particular one, a woman asked for space because let’s just say that she does something wrong. She cheated, meaning behind all this is because of the fact.

That you are too forgiving. I know it was probably not what you want to hear, but it’s the freaking truth. And at the end of the day. I always talk about in my videos about setting boundaries and aligned. You’re aligned to your values as a man, you have to set the standard no matter what a woman has to set the standard.

And a man has to set the standard in relationship. So if she’s asked for space because of the fact that she has. Influenced the relationship with some bad behaviors. Then it’s your time to take a step back and this can be the hardest part out of all of it because of the fact that you love this woman, right?

Of course, you’d love this limit and you guys shared a lot together

You shared a lot of memories and you’re just going back and thinking. What did I do to cause her probably to either cheat on me or do something. Horrible to me or do something bad to me. Well, this is where you’re going to be stuck in the fixed mindset of what I talk about a lot.

So instead of focusing on what you should have done. if this is something that speaks to you, it started focusing on what it is that you want. Either from her or any future relationship. And the steps that I’m going to give you. Now, I’m going to give you three steps of what to do if this is particularly your situation of what you’re going through.

Again, I’m going to reiterate because sometimes in the comments we were like, no. You shouldn’t be doing this. This is only if a woman has asked for space because of the fact that she derailed this relationship with her behaviors. Meaning impacted the relationship by cheating. Disrespected you. Or, did something where she was a purpose of the re she was the reason of why you both broke up.

you'd love this limit

Now three steps and three tips of what you have to do

If you do want to challenge yourself to try to cultivate this relationship back in a healthier way. Or to move forward, whatever you choose. Tip number one is going to be. You have to take your time in figuring out who you are again. And what I mean by that is you gotta take a step back, whatever that case may be, even if it’s to ignore her. Even if it’s not to respond to our messages right now. Even if it is not to be so consciously aware of what is going on in her life and focusing just on you right now.

One, this boost attraction, because typically if a woman was to do something in the relationship to cause a breakup.

  • One, she lost attraction.
  • Two, she lost respect and three. She probably, or she probably is coming from a place where she needs to work on herself. She doesn’t know how to cherish and value a relationship.

So you only need, the only thing that you can do is put yourself first. Work on you, work on your best intentions of yourself. Which I’m talking about in a tip number one, and ignore that process. Ignore her meaning that process is her because of the fact that. I would suggest to ignore her within. I mean, I would give it a good month because in order for something to seek it and for you to really get grounded in what actually just happened. A good month is always a great timeframe for you just to focus on you and get you back.

Because when you’re in a relationship.

Let’s be honest, sometimes you lose a little bit of yourself. So when you’re able to do this, you can come back with a clean slate when she reaches out to you again. Or when you reach out to her after the 30 days and just chat for coffee and not put. Any pressure on the situation.

Tip to tip two is when you do this

you don’t want to put pressure on this situation, meaning you don’t want to talk about the relationship moving forward. I want to be with you. Um, what can we do to, what can I do for you that will make you want to be with me? No, she’s the one that impacted this relationship.

She’s the one that choose differently. So you have to look at it like this. She has to prove to you and build that trust with you again in order for her to show you that she is the woman. For you, you understand? Because even though her intentions might be pure at this point or good at this point, or she’s a really valuing your relationship, you have to set a strict guideline of boundaries between the both of you.

So this stuff doesn’t happen again because one, I mean, she has to learn from her behavior. So. That goes into tip three is talking about what she’s learned in the process and really being honest with yourself and saying how she really changed, or is she just, is she just saying this and looking at her actions?

That’s why you have to take your time because actions come in time. Words come immediately. So what do you believe? More words or actions? I really encourage you to take this advice because it can be the hardest advice because sometimes as 30 days go on, it’s 45 days go on or whatever the case may be. Or you just choose to work on you and challenge that woman to show up and also pace yourself.

It can be really hard

It can be really hard

especially when you love someone. I get it, but at the end result. Is what you want is for you and her to have a great relationship with trust and to the point where she won’t just pick up one day and be like, I need space out of nowhere. Then you have to start square one of what I’m telling you in this video.

Cause if you don’t. Then it’s going to just be like an hamster wheel. It’s going to keep on going and going and going, and you have to figure out what is it that makes you addicted to a woman like this. And then you’ll get your answer as you really start to progress in this relationship and in yourself and self-diagnose, what is it that you’re attracted to and why this continues to happen and you keep on going back.

If you have any questions or you need some advice because this is a similar solution, similar situation of what you’re going through, I encourage you to book a private coaching session with me. I’ll put the link here on top of this video link. If this is your first time visiting, I invite you to subscribe as well, and as always, give me a thumbs up and please feel free to comment below and share your comments of what you think and if this is happening to you.

And I’ll try my best to respond. And as always, I’ll see you again in the next video and remember, you are always loved. Bye for now.

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